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Little Rackets have partnered with many different nursery schools across south London. We are proud to have a great relationship with all our nurseries and look forward to teaming up with some more!




What we do

Our sessions provide a structured set of physical activities for ages 2+. We focus on assisting the development of agility and motor skills through a series of exercises formed into fun games. So not only do our children benefit physically, but they have a great time!

Our 30 minute sessions generally take groups of 8-15 children and all equipment is provided.

Little Racket's Nursery Goals 

Our goal is not only to improve physical development through repeated practice of fundamental movement skills but also support learning of social concepts in a group setting. Our sessions consist of moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity designed specifically to aid a child's development of agility and motor skills. 

We strongly believe that this form of physical activity is hugely beneficial for mental health and behavioural management. We aim to build confidence and proficiency through maintaining a consistent attitude with our behavioural expectations. Our experienced staff are both firm and patient and we ensure that all individual progress is carefully monitored. 

Book a Free Trial for your Nursery

Thank you for your interest! We will be in touch shortly to confirm your free trial session!

For all nursery enquiries please email

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